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Johnny Walker Jr. is another alter ego, who is deeply involved in old Mississippi Delta Blues, also known as country-blues.
At times it differs very much from the well known electric Chicago-blues, like we know it from B.B. King, Muddy Waters and others. No, it's Robert Johnson, Fred Mc Dowell, Nehemia 'Skip' James, Reverend Gary Davis and many, many others that's in this field of great guitarplaying. But it would be too much to tell about these bluesmen, that is, in sites I have listed here they tell a good story. I only would repeat it ...

I've made a CD of some of my favourites, of which you can find some fragments here. If you are interested in buying the CD, please contact me. The songs of the CD are:

  • Fred Mc Dowell
  • Robert Johnson / arr. JWJ
  • Sleepy John Estes
  • Johnny Walker Jr.
  • traditional / arr. JWJ
  • Johnny Walker Jr.
  • Fred Mc Dowell

Check this out later for a tour schedule.

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